ristorante puglia

Recipe with “Baccalà”

During Christmas Time in Puglia, there is a very traditional dish that adorns our tables: “Baccalà” (cod).

Octopus, yellow cherry tomatoes and our “Frisella”

Our very own Chef Rocco teaches us how to prepare this simple and tasty recipe!

Fricelli pasta with tomatoes and green beans

Our very own Chef Rocco teaches us how to prepare this traditional Puglian recipe!

Homemade Pasta by Chef Rocco

Our very own Chef Rocco teaches us the authentic recipe of a Homemade Pasta, a connection of flavors from his kitchen to ours!

Focaccia Barese by Chef Domingo Schingaro

Our very own Chef Domingo, directly from his kitchen, shows us how to make the typical  Puglian Focaccia!
We can’t think of a better time to fill our homes with the perfumes of Puglia!

February: Sweet Carnival – once upon a time in Puglia.

A lot of masks, a multitude of confetti, a bunch of fun and a dash of colour: this is the timeless recipe of the Carnival in Puglia.

Throughout the month of February, the impressive papier-mâché floats parade through the streets of the towns and the noisy voices of the children all around.

January: Winter Taste

In order to face Winter and the coldest months of the year, our body preferably requires low-calorie and protein-rich foods. “Baccalà e Ceci” (salt cod and chickpeas) is the perfect idea that blends the new year “good intentions” with ingredients deeply linked to the history of the Puglian land.

Homemade The Polignano “Purple Carrot” salad and its sorbet

This refreshing recipe will amaze you with its curious deep purple hue and its contrast of sweet and sour tastes, given by the acidity of the yoghurt and by the marinated purple carrots.

Purple carrots of Polignano a mare

Turquoise waters. Blue skies. And purple carrots.
Being one town of a kind, in Polignano a Mare everything is a bit more special.

Orecchiette alle Cime di Rape, the perfect recipe of a Pugliese doc

If you are not a fan of winter, this dish will be your consolation! The best period is from December until the end of February, because “the top of Cime di Rapa need cold temperatures to be cut”.

Always on top of the shopping list of every Puglian: the “Cima di Rapa”.

According to the holy principles of the traditional Mediterranean Diet, we can eat a ton of it and not only do not feel guilty, because a portion provides little more than 430 kilocalories, but also savor all its full taste in one of the most famous dishes of the Puglian tradition: we are talking about the Cima di Rapa.

Puglia & Tomatoes: a tour of traditions and tastings.

There are songs, sonatas and nursery rhymes dedicated to it: the undisputed king of the table is the Tomato.
A smiling product that needs sun, water and a fertile land, like that of Puglia’s soil, to release all its potential for nourishment and taste.

Ricetta Tricolore

Red, White and Green Italian Recipe: Homemade Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Fresh Tomato, Green Beans and Cacioricotta.

In summer we all prefer a genuine and light dish, with ingredients freshly-picked from the garden. One of the simplest and tastiest dishes of the Italian cuisine, spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce, a perfect warm weather pasta dish gets enriched with green beans and cacioricotta to make an entrance on the table in its freshest version. Here you will have all the tastes of summer enclosed in one recipe “Homemade Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Fresh Tomato, Green Beans and Cacioricotta” written by our chef Domingo Schingaro directly from the kitchen of Frasca