The Cima di rapa

Always on top of the shopping list of every Puglian.

According to the holy principles of the traditional Mediterranean Diet, we can eat a ton of it and not only do not feel guilty, because a portion provides little more than 430 kilocalories, but also savor all its full taste in one of the most famous dishes of the Puglian tradition: we are talking about the Cima di Rapa.

If then the Cime di Rapa were wild-harvested in the morning in the countryside surrounded in the salty breeze that comes from the sea, the taste is truly unique. Cooked in the same water with orecchiette handmade with durum wheat flour Senatore Cappelli, flavored with a clove of garlic, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil from Coratino olives, and complemented by that inevitable aftertaste of sardine and pepper that pinches the palate, turnips are transformed from a simple vegetable to a symbol dish of an entire region.

Besides being very tasty then, the Cima di rapa also has a series of healthy properties for the body: it has an anticarcinogenic action, supports intestinal functions, provides mineral salts and a good dose of fatty acids, and all the variety of vitamins that contains are more points in its favour.

Puglia produces them in record quantities and in all shapes and colours. It is in fact the region with the richest biodiversity heritage for this vegetable, thanks to the Mediterranean climate that gives the land a perfect environment that allows the cultivation of Cima di Rapa to grow up in all its splendour as ‘Quarantina’, ‘Sessantina’, ‘Novantina’, ‘Centoventina’, ‘Cima di rapa tre stelle’ and our neighbour ‘Cima di Rapa Tardiva di Fasano’ and ‘Cima di rapa di Minervino’.

These are just some of the genotypes resulting from the selection made by the environment and the skilful work of farmers, who have learned to develop these products of the land with knowledge and skill. Our Massaie then have passed on their ancient knowledge, in order to treasure the long agricultural and culinary tradition of Puglia.

t’s a dish to share. According to tradition, it must be served in a large cup in the centre of the table with a spoon to serve everyone.

Enjoy your meal!