Carrot salad

Homemade The Polignano “Purple Carrot” salad and its sorbet

This refreshing recipe will amaze you with its curious deep purple hue and its contrast of sweet and sour tastes, given by the acidity of the yoghurt and by the marinated purple carrots.
Perfect for changing colors on the table when spring is approaching! Serve the dish in yellow, orange and purple!

For the preparation of fresh guitar spaghetti you need:
– 400 grams of Senatore Cappelli semolina
– 4 egg yolks
– 2 whole eggs

Ingredients for fresh tomato sauce:
– 500 grams of San Marzano DOC tomatoes
– A few leaves of fresh basil from the garden
– 1 clove of unpeeled garlic
– 5 grams of sugar
– 10 gr of sea salt
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia
– Fresh green beans 200 gr
– Cacioricotta 100 gr

Ingredients for marinating sweet and sour carrots
– 250g of water
– 150g of white vinegar
– 250g of sugar
– 1 cardamom pod
– 1-star anise
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 1 vanilla bean
– 50g of yellow carrots
– 50g of Polignano Purple Carrots
– 50g of orange carrots

Make a syrup by boiling water, vinegar and sugar with the spices.
Leave to cool and put the carrots cut into a julienne in the syrup for about three hours.

Ingredients for carrot sponge cake
– 90g of egg white
– 100g of egg yolk
– 60g of carrot puree
– 75g of sugar
– 60g of flour
– 35g of EVO olive oil

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar and the yolk in a planetary mixer until the mixture is fluffy.
Add the carrot puree, flour and EVO olive oil, being careful not to unwhip the mixture.
Pour into the cake pan and cook at 210° for 4 minutes.

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